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The return of the king, being the third part of the Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien

As the armies of the Dark Lord gather, Aragorn joins with the Riders of Rohan, Merry and Pippin escape into the Fangorn Forest and meet the Ents, Gandalf returns, and Sam and Frodo are separated after Frodo is captured by the Orcs
Table Of Contents
Synopsis -- Book five. Minas Tirith -- The passing of the grey company -- The muster of Rohan -- The siege of Gondor -- The ride of the Rohirrim -- The battle of the Pelennor Fields -- The pyre of Denethor -- The houses of healing -- The last debate -- The black gate opens -- Book six. The tower of Cirith Ungol -- The land of shadow -- Mount Doom -- The field of Cormallen -- The steward and the king -- Many partings -- Homeward bound -- The scouring of the Shire -- The Grey havens -- Appendices. Annals of the kings and rulers. The Númenorean kings -- The House of Eorl -- Durin's folk -- The tale of years (chronology of the Westlands) -- Family trees (hobbits) -- Calendars -- Writing and spelling. Pronunciation -- Writing -- The languages and peoples of the Third Age -- On translation -- Indexes. Songs and verses -- Persons, beasts and monsters -- Places -- Things
Literary Form
"The text of this edition of The Return of the King contains all corrections and revisions that have been made since the original publication"--Title page verso
Physical Description
xii, 732-1137 pages, maps, 21 cm.

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