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Over the rainbow, the science, magic and meaning of rainbows, Rachael Davis ; Wenjia Tang

"There's nothing better than a rainbow appearing after a storm, but have you ever wondered why they appear and what makes them so colorful? Rainbows have fascinated us for centuries and there's so much to learn from them. From inspiring different mythology, literature, television, and culture to becoming a symbol of hope, acceptance, and pride, find out more about these natural wonders in this beautifully illustrated and fascinating guide"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Introduction -- THE SCIENCE OF RAINBOWS: A close look at light -- reflection, refraction, and dispersion -- Making rainbows -- Ancient ideas -- Solving the riddle of the rainbow -- RARE RAINBOWS: Rainbow wow! -- Unusual rainbows -- Almost rainbows -- RAINBOW MYTHS AND LEGENDS: How it all began -- The rainbow goddess -- Bifrost -- The rainbow serpent -- The leprechaun's pot of gold -- RAINBOWS IN THE ARTS: Once upon a time -- Over the rainbow -- I can see a rainbow -- THE SYMBOL OF THE RAINBOW: Watch out for the rainbow -- flags through history -- Standing proud -- Conclusion -- Glossary -- Index
Literary form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical description
64 pages, illustrations (color), 29 cm

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