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A deal with the devil, the dark and twisted true story of one of the biggest cons in history, Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken - paperback

"In this spellbinding story, award-winning investigative journalists for CNN Money track down the mysterious French psychic at the center of one of the longest running cons in history--an international mail scam that targets the elderly and emotionally vulnerable"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
The journalists -- The promises -- The scam -- The victims -- The address -- The mysterious psychic -- The psychic sidekick -- The sightings -- The dentist's wife -- The investigators -- The business web -- The Sparks connection -- The whistleblower -- The "mailing genius" -- The bizarre businessman -- The copywriter -- The nucleus -- The windfall -- The trip -- The dusty archives -- The psychic no one sees -- The house -- The sister - The pot of jelly -- The lover -- The son -- The attorney -- The deal -- The myth -- The responses -- The other psychics -- The checks -- The dark and the strange -- The Romanians -- The childhood friend -- The return to sanity -- The bizarre businessman revisited -- The fading myth -- The irony -- Afterword
Literary form
non fiction
First Atria Boks hardcover edition
Includes bibliographical references (pages 284-290)
Physical description
xiii, 290 pages, 24 cm

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