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100 places to see after you die, a travel guide to the afterlife, Ken Jennings - hardcover

"100 Places to See After You Die is written in the style of iconic bestselling travel guides. But instead of recommending must-see destinations in Mexico, Thailand, or Rome, this book outlines journeys through the afterlife, as dreamed up over the past 5,000 years of human history by our greatest prophets, poets, mystics, artists, and TV showrunners. Where's the best place to grab a bite to eat in the ancient Egyptian underworld? Which circles of Dante's Inferno have the nicest accommodations? How does one dress like a local in the heavenly palace of Hinduism's Lord Vishnu, or avoid the flesh-eating river serpents in the Klingon afterlife? What are the hidden treasures to be found off the beaten path in Hades, Valhalla, or NBC's The Good Place? This book answers all those questions and more about the world(s) to come. The destiny of the human soul in the great beyond is one of life's deepest mysteries. But you won't have to wonder anymore! 100 Places to See After You Die comprehensively indexes one hundred different afterlife destinations, exhaustively researched from sources ranging from the Epic of Gilgamesh to modern-day pop songs, video games, and Simpsons episodes. Be ready for whatever post-mortal destiny awaits, whether you're hoping for the astral plane, a Hieronymus Bosch hellscape, or the baseball diamond from Field of Dreams. This is one trip no one should leave to chance. Most vacation sojourns are brief, but this destination could be your eternal resting place!"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Mythology -- Religion -- Books -- Movies -- Television -- Music and theater -- Miscellaneous
Literary Form
non fiction
First Scribner hardcover edition.
Includes index
Physical Description
xi, 291 pages, 23 cm

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