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Committed, dispatches from a psychiatrist in training, Adam Stern, MD - hardcover

"Grey's Anatomy meets One L in this psychiatrist's funny and moving memoir about his residency at Harvard Medical School"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Welcome to Longwood -- The golden class -- It will pass, and you will be fine -- First paycheck party -- The mythical day team -- Mania -- The lightbulb has to want to be changed -- These are bad, but I think you can do worse -- Night float -- Controlled chaos -- Insomnia and electric shocks -- Bread-and-butter medicine -- Stern and sons -- A face worth licking -- Tongue-tied cherry stems south of the border -- Like the first year, but more -- Unwelcome departures -- Snoozers lose -- Tell me what brings you in to the office -- The irresistible lure of delivering Chinese food -- Just needing some air -- Some kind of chicken sociopath -- Like free therapy -- The joy and sorrow of musical staircases -- EXP -- An office with a window -- Friends don't have sleepovers -- Don't just do something, sit there -- Being present -- California nightmares -- Not my choice -- The match redux -- I've got muscles -- An impostor once more -- This is where change happens
Literary form
non fiction
Physical description
xv, 303 pages, 22 cm

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