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Northern lights, Nick Hunter - (hb)

"This book looks at the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, exploring what they are, what they look like, where they can be seen, and how they are caused. Readers also learn about the significance of solar storms, the Southern Lights, what people thought about auroras in the past, and how they are explored today. A fun activity is provided along with advice on viewing auroras. Beautiful photographs and simple text help to engage readers and aid their understanding"--Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Out of this world -- What are the northern lights? -- Where can you see the northern lights? -- Southern lights -- What causes the northern lights? -- Magnetic Earth -- Storms on the sun -- Studying the sun -- Across the solar system -- Beliefs of the past -- See for yourself -- Exploring magnetic fields
Literary form
non fiction
First edition
Physical description
32 pages, color illustrations, 23 cm.

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